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CCTV footage of Detroit police station shooting

Em Russia Today.


Police in the city of Detroit, in the US state of Michigan, on Friday released a graphic 68-second video showing a gunman striding into one of the city’s precinct stations, and spraying volleys from a shotgun at surprised officers before being fatally wounded as he stood within inches (centimetres) of three of his victims. The video showed Lamar Moore, 38, walking into the precinct and past the raised front desk. He pulled a shotgun he had concealed along his left side and opened fire down a hallway, hitting a female sergeant in her bullet-proof vest. He was then seen firing more shots down the hallway as he reversed his steps back into the middle of the lobby. Two other sergeants were down that hallway returning fire at Moore. With Commander Brian Davis and a sergeant firing shots in his direction, Moore then lunged head first onto, then over, the front desk counter towards them and two other already wounded officers. On the video, Davis fell and dropped the gun he had been firing, but twisted around a smaller desk as Moore continued towards him. Davis then got to his feet and hurled a rubbish bin at the gunman. Moore, himself wounded, attempted to manoeuvre toward Davis, but fell to the floor. He later died while being taken to an area hospital, police said. Four officers were wounded. Davis, the most seriously injured, also was shot in the back. Police have not determined a motive for Moore’s rampage. The day after, his younger brother was sentenced to up to 60 years in prison for the shooting deaths last year of two men at a Detroit auto repair shop. Investigators also were looking into allegations that Moore had kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl in his northwest side home. He was not charged in the alleged rape.

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