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Comunidade que não se baseia no Dinheiro

There are now 28414 members in 154 countries sharing 403895 skills,82648 tools and 452 spaces.

To join them it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is sign-up (for FREE naturally).

You can then add the skills, tools and spaces that you are happy to share with other members at any stage and at your convenience.

Once you’ve joined you can then search for whatever you need – a skill, tool, space or member. You will then be presented with a list of everyone within a certain distance of your marker (the distance is defined by you) who is willing to share whatever you are looking for, with the nearest person to your doorstep listed first. You then send them a mail through the site, and hopefully arrange to meet up on your own terms in real life!

We limit your emails to each individual member per month to 3, as we really want to encourage members to arrange to meet up in real life.

Site – The Freeconomy Community:

To join the Forum you need to sign up separately – this will only take a couple of minutes also.

Watch this video to see how Freeconomy works in action.

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