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The Ring of Fire – O Anel de Fogo

Por Daniel Estulin.

The ring of fire

The ring of Fire   El anillo de fuego ringoffire1

The military-sponsored scientific research project is one thing, but then there’s a whole lot of shallow-thinking kookery as well–as with many of these things, it’s fear-driven attempts to avoid the more substantive scientific issues, with populist silliness that is fully compatible with people’s ideological addiction to sense perception.

The “culprit” in the Japan events is neither nuclear energy (!) nor the HAARP project–but THE SUN. So we’d better get serious about understanding the actual nature of the physical universe, which means abandoning the domain of Aristotelean sense-certainty for the science of dynamic universal processes and Riemann-Einstein space-time.

Watch the following video from Lyndon LaRouche, please.

The Japanese Earthquake must serve as a wake-up call for mankind. We are behind in our scientific understanding of the Universe, specifically the relationship between our Earth, our active Sun, and our galaxy. Lyndon LaRouche introduces a discussion between LPAC researchers Peter Martinson and Natalie Lovegren on the coincidence between the recent solar flares and the associated tectonic activity, and the implications for our near future. The “Japanese Nuclear Scare” propaganda is a dangerous diversion from such real science, and we urge viewers to re-post this video wherever such slop is encountered.

  1. Março 21, 2011 às 10:44

    A verdade incomoda muito mais do que a mentira nos dias actuais. Porque a verdade tem o condão de subverter a ordem em que se acredita, que é o que está a acontecer, revelando a mentira ou as diversas mentiras que se admite serem verdades. É um choque tremendo ser-se confrontado com algo que não estava nos planos, cai a máscara, parte-se o chão e lança-se o martelo da fúria…
    Ora assim sendo, toca a descredibilizar os contestários fazendo e publicitando-os como tontinhos e conspiracionistas e restantes impropérios.

  1. Março 27, 2011 às 16:10

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