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China calls for immediate cease-fire in Libya, after days of allied airstrikes

Por The Associated Press.

China was one of five countries to abstain from last week’s UN vote to allow all necessary measures to stop Gadhafi’s assault on rebel-held towns.

BEIJING – China called Tuesday for an immediate cease-fire in Libya where the U.S. and European nations have launched punishing airstrikes to enforce a United Nations endorsed no-fly zone.

“All parties must immediately cease fire and resolve issues through peaceful means,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said at a regularly scheduled news conference, citing unconfirmed reports that the airstrikes had caused civilian deaths.

A Canadian CF-18A fighter prepares to land at the Birgi NATO Airbase in Trapani as part of allied forces strike on Libya, March 21, 2011. Photo by: Reuters

China was one of five countries that abstained from last week’s vote on the UN resolution to allow all necessary measures to stop Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi’s assault on rebel-held towns. It was approved with the backing of the United States, France and Britain.

Beijing has been sharply critical of the airstrikes that hit Libyan air defenses and forces for a third night Monday. The Foreign Ministry registered serious reservations about the resolution, and on Monday the country’s most important political newspaper compared the Western airstrikes against Libya to the U.S.-led invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“In places such as Iraq the unspeakable suffering of its people are a mirror and a warning,” the Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, People’s Daily, said in a commentary.

China has historically opposed foreign military interventions as part of its long-standing policy of staying out of countries’ internal affairs.

Jiang said China, one of five veto-wielding permanent members of the UN Security Council, only opted not to oppose the resolution out of consideration for the support shown for the measure among Arab and African nations.

North Korea also Tuesday urged an immediate halt to the airstrikes. An unidentified Foreign Ministry spokesman said they were “a wanton violation of Libya’s sovereignty and a hideous crime against humanity.”

The spokesman also accused the United States of wanting regime change in Libya and control of its natural resources. The comments were carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

  1. Master Jo-Ma
    Março 23, 2011 às 16:20

    Parece que a China quer mesmo mostrar que conta para alguma coisa, agora pede o cessar-fogo imediato na libia.

    Parece-me a mim que estamos a viver os mesmissimos sintomas que se viveram antes da 1ª guerra mundial, e cada vez me parece mais inevitavel que se generalize um conflito qualquer. Com a recessao americana, todos querem aproveitar o lugar vazio e mostrar o seu musculo… na primeira guerra tambem toda a gente dizia que o conflito iria ser de curtissima duraçao.

    Só falta agora um evento de false flag, como na 1ª guerra foi o afundamento do Lusitania.

    Como a Libia é amiga da Coreia do Norte, do Irao, da Venezuela e de Cuba, e agora com a China e Russia a quererem um cessar fogo imediato, vai na volta e é mesmo disparado um missil (nuclear quem sabe) do Irao para Israel e é culpada a Libia, ou vice versa… digo eu, sei la…

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