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The world steps into a new era: dangerous and unstable

Por Kudashkina Ekaterina, em The Voice of Russia. (DONWLOAD do MP3)

Interview with Dr Boris Shmelev, Head of the Center for Political Studies with the Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences:

The resolution of the United Nations Organization #1973 about Libya reflects the new situation in the world and in the international relations which means that the role of the national state is becoming more important in the modern world and reflects the growing role of international organizations.

In fact in modern time globalization, the mainstream of our time, needs global governments in connection with the global character of the financial capital. Financial capital is directed to the breaking of the border between the states; it is orientated at the organization of building up international structures which are able to play this role of international governments.

From this point of view Libya and its leader Gaddafi didn’t want to play all the roles of this powerful international process, and it is clear that he had no chances to play this role in the future because his policy and his existing, I can say, would be a challenge to the interests of these international powers and to the interests of this international financial capital.

I think this situation is evident and we can have in the future more situations like this. The role of the international organizations is growing and the resolutions of the United Nations Organization will put to changing the character of modern international relations.

Now the international community can invade into the internal domestic policy of concrete states to change the political and social environment in this country, and we can now feel the trend of restructuring of the modern situation, of the modern face of the world where every country, every state must play the role which was defined by these forces which reflects the interest of the international capital.

This situation was worked out for many years ago and it is not something new from the logical point of view, the ideology of this policy was prepared by the Bilderberg Club and the Club of Rome, and now this ideology is the background of this new policy.

It means that the world steps into the new era of its development which is very dangerous, which is unstable, and we do not know the results of these new trends in the world.

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